Elliptical Popup Displays

Quick. Easy. Foolproof., Easy Ten Seconds to pop up, Delivered folded flat to save on distribution costs


POP UP Tower.
Quick. Easy. Foolproof.

Dior Pop-Up Display

Elliptical Pop Up Displays

• Easy Ten Seconds to pop up
• Patented auto tensioning design
• Automatic pop up opening
• From small to large sizes
• Easily modified into a variety of displays
• Glossy or matt lamination
• Delivered folded flat to save on distribution costs.
• Less expensive to manufacture and distribute
• Environmentally friendly
• Fast delivery

Our Elliptical Pop Up Towers are available in a variety of sizes, and six standard shapes. With UNIMAC Graphics in-house CAD system and print facility we can also customize your Elliptical Pop Up Display with unique options with special die cuts, unique coatings, and promotional add-ons and pop outs.

Size & Shape

Elliptical Pop Up Displays are available in the following standard sizes and shapes.


Elliptical Pop Up Displays size chart


Elliptical Pop Up Displays shape chart

Custom Options

Built in Bottle Rack

Built in Bottle Rack

Die Cut Shelves

Die Cut Shelves

Bag Hooks for Products

Bag Hooks for Products

Table Top

Table Top

Die Cut Shelves

Die Cut Shelves

Point of Purchase POP Display

Point of Purchase POP Display

Easy Set Up

1, 2, 3, Quick. Easy. Foolproof.

Ten seconds.

That’s all it takes to set up our patented 25” x 75” Elliptical Pop Up Tower. These Elliptical Pop Up Totems all fold flat to save on storage space, and distribution costs, and pop up in ten seconds.

And when you’re dealing with personnel you’ve never met, in a retail environment, hundreds of miles away, every second counts!

Easy Set Up Pop Up Totem

Special Effects

Don’t underestimate the power of special effects to Enhance, Focus and persuade buyers when applied to your Pop Up Totems! The techniques may look like magic, intriguing and sometimes interactive but UNIMAC Graphics will help you discover how to create attention and connect to consumers through the use of special effects on your Elliptical Pop Up Displays.

Varnishes & Coatings for Elliptical Pop Up Displays

Think of varnish as ink without color. Flood it to add protection and sheen. Tint it to accentuate color and mood. Dull it to enhance contrast. Texture it to simulate depth. Choose from aqueous and UV coating techniques such as strike-through, textured, soft-touch, scented, glitter, flocking, and thermo-chromatic effects.

Cast & Cure

Your elliptical displays need to entice and excite buyers and Cast & Cure is the answer. Create extraordinary Pop Up Displays with this decorative process used to apply a holographic quality to your Pop Up Totems. The holographic effects are applied directly to printed sheets on press at normal running speeds and in press-register.

Cold Foil

Amazing Cold Foil, a new print technology, allows you to apply metallic foil, in line, at press speed. Produce delicate cold foiling features and effects to your Elliptical Pop Up Display. You will find the final product is distinct and unique from any other point of purchase display.

Hot Foil Stamping

Create a lasting impression on your Elliptical Pop Up Displays with brilliant effects through hot foil stamping. Hot foil will highlight and draw attention to your brand. Apply metallic foil, in either gold, silver, pastel or opaque with a choice of patterns to create striking 3D images.


Make a lasting impression on your pop up display, emboss shapes, images or headlines. Use embossing in combination with foil stamping and four-color printing to make your brand pop.

Die Cut

Die-cutting Elliptical Pop-Up Displays rarely fails to grab consumer’s attention. To distinguish your Pop-Up Totem’s and create the most spectacular effect of all, join two or more of these special effects together, four color printing, Cast & Cure, Cold Foil, and embossing.



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